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The Mid West Food Industries Alliance Inc (MWFIA) is an Incorporated Association.  MWFIA was established in 2019 and Incorporated in 2021.  

The purpose of MWFIA is to help members market and promote their products under a recognised regional brand fostering sustainable business growth.  Our vision is to be a recognised food and beverage region known for its diverse products, and we strive to do this by being a viable industry led cluster that creates value and contributes to the growth and sustainability of the Mid West WA Food and Beverage industry and its associated tourism, hospitality and agrifood partners.

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Our Board

MWFIA is led by a voluntary industry Board and supported by a part time Executive Officer (EO).  Our current Board includes:

  • Mike Bowley (Chair)

  • Hayley Palmer | Illegal Tender Rum Co (Vice Chair)

  • Jack Davoren | Chally Bridge Farms (Treasurer)

  • Gilly Johnson | Executive Officer (Secretary)

  • Robbie Garvey | Red Lime Jones (Member)

  • Portia Bodycoat | Central Regional TAFE & Chef (Member)

  • Carol Metcalfe | Coastal Plains Produce (Member)

  • Richard Lynch | MEEDAC Fresh (Member)

  • Christine Zaicou-Kunesch | DPIRD (Member)

  • Frances Pollack | Wooleen Station (Member)

  • Shaun McInnes | Geraldton Fishermen's Coop/Brolos Fresh (Member)

Our Annual General Meeting is generally held in the last fortnight of May each year, and we warmly welcome interest from potential new Board members or individuals who would like to make a contribution to the strategic direction of MWFIA.

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