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A Bouquet of Flowers, Foliage, Fruit & Vege | Chally Bridge Farms

In the hamlet of Bowes near Northampton, you will find Chally Bridge Farms. This local Mid West Food producer has a touch of difference with the farm providing a bouquet of produce including native flowers, foliage, fruit and vegetables.

At the helm of this farm is young Mid West Food Industries Alliance committee member, Jack Davoren, who is passionate about all things Chally Bridge.

Jack, along with Sun City Producer grower and fellow MWFIA committee member, Bao Duy, is also involved with a Community Stewardship Grant with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) project that aims to 'demonstrate how to increase beneficial insects in horticulture systems, while reducing pest insects and reducing pesticide use, through the use of habitat manipulation techniques.' See more about this unique project here:

To find out more about Chally Bridge Farm and where you can purchase their produce - visit here:

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