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Amazing Cold Pressed Canola Oil | Block 275

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

'Vibrant, nutty and fresh' are three words used to describe a unique Mid West WA food product in Block 275 - cold pressed canola oil. This beautiful product hails from the Mann family farm, 'Midoxgate', at Moonyoonooka, WA, with Fiona and Liam Mann at the helm.

Block 275 canola oil could be described as soil to hand - grown and processed right on the farm. It is not heated or bleached during the process, and great care is taken as it is goes through a mechanical press to filter out any waxes before being bottled.

One part of the Mann family team, Fiona, is also a passionate Mid West WA foodie and has been a driving force behind the creation of the Mid West Food Industries Alliance having taken on the role of Chair to work with the inaugural committee and key stakeholders. Thanks Fiona!

Let's get behind this unique Mid West WA food product - go here:

Available locally at Rigters IGA and through Block 275 direct.

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