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Laughingly Good Granola | Red Lime Jones

Robbie Garvey is the creator of a uniquely different Granola, one that is guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. Born out of navigating her way back to a healthier place, Red Lime Jones is uniquely Mid West WA produced food, being created locally in Geraldton and shipped across the nation!

Great granola starts with premium and nutritious ingredients and ends with an all natural granola muesli. Robbie's granola is small-batch, slow baked morsels of joy!

Available in five blends, from 'sassy' to 'quirky', what's not to love about this unique product! Robbie is also an inaugural Mid West Food Industry Alliance member and is passionate about helping to grow the brand. Thanks Robbie!

To find out more about Robbie and Red Limes Jones Granola, including purchasing direct, visit here:

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