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A Family Affair | Sun City Produce

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Sun City Produce is a family run farm at Walkaway, WA. Another great Mid West WA food producer, the family involvement started with parents, Be Nguyen and Nghi Tran, arriving from Vietnam as refugees.

Fast forward to today, and Sun City Produce is now an innovative family run farm producing cucumbers and tomatoes.

Innovation and education have always been a priority for this family farm with son, Bao Duy Nguyen, awarded a Nuffield Scholarship in 2017. The farm is known for its innovation in the areas of new developments in water and nutrient monitoring, as well as climate control and integrated pest management.

Bao Duy has been part of the inaugural committee of the Mid West Food Industries Alliance, bringing his innovation and ideas to the new group. Thanks Bao Duy!

Let's get behind this wonderful fresh vegetable producer family team - go here to learn more:

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