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All things Mid West WA Food & Beverage.

Welcome to the Mid West Food Industries Alliance - a cohort of people working to grow and develop new and existing food industry businesses in the Mid West region of Western Australia via our key focus areas including:

  • Growing the brand of Mid West Food & Beverage both locally, nationally and globally.

  • Connecting producers to fellow producers, supply chain and other key stakeholders to develop sustainable businesses.

  • Creating an economic benefit for the Mid West WA region through recognition of the brand with the aim in the future of leading to increased tourism, business opportunities and employment.

  • Becoming a professional and recognised champion for our members to enable them to create sustainable businesses with the opportunity to leverage the Mid West WA Food& Beverage brand to market and promote their product.

  • Creating financial stability for the MWFIA.


As we grow, we would love to hear from individuals and businesses involved in all aspects of the food industry supply chain, including those working within the food industry and those who supply services to the food industry in the Mid West region. 


Let's work together to build a vibrant Mid West WA food industries brand that showcases the remarkable diversity of food producers, food culture and associated industries.

As we grow our reach, we'd love to meet you! 


Exploring our diverse food basket.

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Growers, Fishers and Farmers

The Mid West region is home to a large number of growers, fishers and farmers, ranging from micro producers who grow, fish or farm for their own personal consumption THROUGH to producers who grow, fish and farm to sell their produce both locally, within WA, nationally and internationally. You can find these products in their natural state at the local markets, off the back of a boat, in a wholesale or retail outlet, and on a dinner plate right across the state (and beyond). Think seafood, beef, lamb, vegetables, fruits, flowers and much more! 

Fresh produce in its natural state right to your plate.


Find out what's on in the Mid West of WA.

Idea 2


24-28 April 2024

The Shore Leave Festival is back for 2024! This four-day event celebrates everything that makes the Mid West region unique.  The name of the event relates to the long maritime history and the notions of having leave to explore the region.  With a range of ticketed and free events, all featuring many of the rich Mid West WA food produce that is synonymous with this region.  Make sure you check out what is available at the main Shore Leave website.


Access your local produce

The Tastes of the Mid West Food & Capability guide is currently being redeveloped.  The first edition of the guide (Taste of Greater Geraldton) provided an introduction to the many local food and beverage producers and products in our region.  Keep updated at the main site here until the new version is released in early to mid 2024.

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